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Guest Writers Welcome

Write For Us

We welcome guest posts for use on our website.

If you are a blogger, experienced writer or a graduate who is looking to showcase your work to a wider audience, then we will consider your articles for publication on our site.

All we ask is that the article is original (i.e. not published anywhere else, including your own website), that it is of high quality and is over 1,500 words in length.

Our full set of guidelines is below.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to demand and the poor quality of guest posts we have been receiving, we are not accepting guest writers at this moment in time.

Any emails received from free email addresses such as, are ignored - only emails from proper company email addresses are read.

In exchange for writing for our website, we will happily include your biog details (photo, name and overview) similar to below.

Example Guest Writer Biog in Write For Us page

We will also allow you to include one link in your article. Please don’t make the anchor text too keyword specific and spammy. We know what search engines look for!

The type of articles we accept people to write about

We Love people writing about marketing

Types Of Articles We Accept

As this website is all about digital marketing (“marketing in general” and “growing small businesses”) we will only accept articles relating to these topics.

Here are a few topics that we would be interested in receiving articles from guest writers:

  1. Copywriting Tips
  2. The Pros & Cons of Email Marketing
  3. Are PBN's Worth It?
  4. SEO Competitor Analysis
  5. Top 100 Best Email Subject Lines

We will share your work

What We Will Do For You

For every article or blog post that we upload to our website, we will share each one on our social media channels including: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This means that your creative work will reach a broader audience.

For exceptionally high quality articles, our CEO, David Reid, will share them with his entire LinkedIn network, which consists of several thousand business owners and other connections.

We kindly ask you to share the article on your social media accounts in return.

And as mentioned above, we will allow one hyperlink in your article so that all our readers can click-through to your site or social account should they wish.

Rules on writing for us as a guest writer

Let's work together - Blog for us

Guest Writing Guidelines

Please read the following guest writer guidelines before submitting an article for review:

  • Provide an engaging title/headline
  • Please split your content up with relevant sub-headings
  • Use short paragraphs so that it is easy to read
  • Must be original and written in proper English
  • Must not be copied (in full or in part) from another website, article, book or any source which has copyright
  • Must be over 1,500 words in length
  • Is not sarcastic, have polarizing views or be negative
  • Do not include your brand or name in the article
  • If you include images or videos within the article, they must be high quality and with copyright approval (please supply proof of this)
  • Include references to any data, statistics or research that you use (including hyperlinks to the source)

Writers Needed - A simple email will do

How To Submit Your Article

Please email your article (word or PDF format) to us at and include the following items:

  1. Article title/headline
  2. Article content
  3. Any photos/videos included in your article
  4. Your biog with links to your social media profiles
  5. Include the following text in the email “I agree with the terms of use for submitting an article to YewBiz”

Important - Please Read

Terms Of Use

We do not pay for articles or accept payment for posting articles on our website. We abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines, so please do not ask us to accept payment for links in your article.

We periodically check the articles submitted and published on our website. If we find that your article has been posted elsewhere, we may remove it from our website.

By submitting an article, you agree to us using it on our website (with any editorial amends we deem suitable) and you will not claim for payment or copyright infringement now or in the future.

Finally, when the article is published on our website, it is then owned by us and you are not permitted to re-publish the article without our prior written approval.