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A cheaper alternative to Sniply, that we believe is better.

Do you want to get your messages and calls-to-action in front of an engaged audience and turn them into customers, then you need to try VASTCLICKS.

Or, are you looking to try a different media marketing tool instead of

What's more, you can use VastClicks for Free.

Read on to find out more...

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Enabling You To Grow Your Company Through Sharing Targeted Content

What Is VastClicks?

VastClicks is a platform for sharing other peoples content (and your own content) via branded links. It generates ads that have custom calls-to-action, and at the same time stores retargeting pixels to further entice viewers to convert to customers.

Simple and easy to use, everything is tracked through smart analytics showing you in a clever dashboard, when the content was read, how many views it has had and how many new conversions it has generated.

Not many alternative platforms can do that so simply.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to start attracting new customers with VastClicks.

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Share Headline Grabbing Content

When you see a headline the grabs your attention, you are inclined to read the article or new story.

When the news story is relevant to your company, competitor or your own interests - then you are 10 times more likely to read it.

You simple use a content aggregator or Google to find great content which will attract your target audience. Once you have found those enticing articles, breaking news stories or blog posts, you can get started with VastClicks.

With VastClicks you can generate CTAs very quickly

Generate Thousand's Of Clicks

VastClicks comes already loaded with amazing eye catching templates.

They have been proven to turn readers into converting customers.

Simply make sure that the content you share aligns itself with your offer, then sit back and watch your ad get clicked.

Click-through-rates (CTR) of up to 30% are common.

If You Can't Wait

If you are already convinced VastClicks is for you. Then you can try it now for FREE.

Hurry before the offer changes or ends.

Share your content on Vastclicks which is a sniply alternative

Share Your Link Across The Web

The next step brings the success. Simply share the link that VastClicks generates for you.

Post it on social media, include it in your email campaigns, SMS it to friends, colleagues and business partners or send it through messenger apps.

The more people that you share the link with, the more customers you will win.

Everyone who clicks the link will get to view your amazing offers. Not only that, they will be added to a retargeting list, giving you more opportunities to generate more conversions in the future.

Win more customers with VastClicks retargeting system

Convert Warm Leads Into Clients

VastClicks has made it easy to re-engage prospective clients.

Add your social media tracking pixels into the VastClicks platform and it means that every one who clicks on your VastClicks custom link is automatically added to a retargeting list for the future.

Now you can double your chances of winning new clients.

Measure your success in Vastclicks and compare to

See How Successful You Are

If you have used dashboards before, you will know how to view your KPIs.

We believe that it is easier to measure the success of your campaigns with the VastClicks dashboard.

You can see instantly the CTA clicks and conversion rates, then drill deeper into the insights if you wish.

It will show you what shared content performed best and what offers converted the most.

Try VastClicks For FREE

The people behind VastClicks are so confident in their product, they will let you try it for free.

All you have to do is click the button now. Reviews

Everyone has the right to their own opinion. It is our opinion that VastClicks is a better alternative to Sniply.

Whilst Sniply is used by lots of companies to promote their content, when we checked out other peoples reviews, we found some of these extracts in their personal feedback.

It looks like complete spam, and the character limit is incredibly constraining. I only use this because its the cheapest option...
It is a little pricey for what it is, but when you take into account the potential for monetization...
It is worth noting that some websites do block services like, but we've only encountered a few of these...
I don't like that the snips are not customizable. It's better if the snips can be modified so I can create a more compelling link for the audience to click...


More Sniply Reviews

The analytics are weak, we can see clicks on buttons, but actual conversions are difficult to track even with the cookie installed...
At times, editing already published links can be a bit cumbersome. Also, certain social media websites (e.g. LinkedIn), are not compatible causing Sniply not to appear. Analytics are not the most robust...
Sometimes when I share the sniply link on Twitter if flags it as "spam." This can be annoying and I often give in and just share the regular link...
The Chrome plug-in crashes relatively often (I'm experiencing at least once a day) and the integration within Buffer is a bit slow...


VASTCLICKS is rated (5 out of 5) based on 10 reviews. Free trial available: $0

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