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LinkedIn Profile Tips

Create a profile you can be proud of in 8 easy steps

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The quick and easy to follow guide on everything you need to know about creating a winning LinkedIn profile.

This guide will teach you how to optimise your profile settings, boost your exposure, complete key sections and much more!

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What's in the guide?

This 15-page guide will show you the key sections to complete for a winning profile.

You will quickly learn:

  1. How to choose a custom URL
  2. The ideal profile photo to use
  3. Selecting a background photo
  4. Why headlines matter
  5. How to write your summary
  6. Writing articles to boost SEO
  7. Completing your experience sections
  8. Using recommendations to gain social trust

Everyone from LinkedIn beginners, small business owners, company directors to job seekers will benefit from this guide.

Adopt these tactics and you'll notice an improvement in 90 days or less...

LinkedIn Profile Tips Key sections

Profile Key Elements Sample

LinkedIn Tips Professional Photo

Professional Photo Sample

Daniel MacIntyre
I have learned so much from David on SEO and social campaigns. When you start working with him, he will make a massive difference. I still enjoy learning from him to this day.

Daniel MacIntyre
Director of Oban View

Geoff Todd
David is the person I most trust to deliver sound digital marketing advice. His experience is vast, but more importantly he isn’t swayed by whatever happens to be the latest thing in marketing.

Geoff Todd
Owner of Todd Workshop

We were not the most technical savvy company and marketing was a bit alien to us at the beginning. However, David taught us everything we know about digital marketing and how to do it properly.

Craig Wilson
Finance Director of Core Cut Ltd

David Reid

About the Author

David Reid has been involved in marketing since the late 1990's, which are more years than he cares to remember. He has trained hundreds of individuals across the world in the art of digital marketing and was an early LinkedIn adopter. Nowadays, his knowledge is also sought after by Court Judges when he acts as an expert witness in marketing disputes in excess of £1 million.