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Ewan Menzies, CEO of Jump To The Big Leagues

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Small Business Advice

Have you found that recent events have put a strain on you and your business?

Are you experiencing new challenges such as a reduction in your income, working longer and longer hours or struggling to find clients that value you?

Then I would love to offer one hour of my time to help transform your business for free.

There is no agenda, just tell me a little bit about your business and we will take it from there...

To make sure that I can help you, you need to be able to say yes to these four questions:

  1. Do you have your own business? (either self-employed or a limited company)
  2. Do you offer professional services? (for example HR services, training, recruitment, accountancy etc.)
  3. Have you been in business for at least 2 years?
  4. Do you sell to other businesses? (i.e. business-to-business)

If you answered YES to all four questions then please click the Book Your Strategy Call button to schedule your call.

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100% Positive Feedback

I believe I can help you transform your business and offer a solution to your problems.

Everyone who I have spoken with has noticed a positive difference almost immediately.

But you don't have to take my word for it.

Read some of the feedback below from those who have taken my offer of a free call.

Ewan quickly tuned into my business needs and where I can make vital improvements. His empathy and marketing suggestions opened up targeted actions that I can take to ensure real business returns and profitability. This was definitely time well spent!

Max, Self-employed Photographer

My hour consultation with Ewan was insightful. He gave me a lot to think about (and action!) as well as a ton of advice on how and where to focus my energies to help drive my business forward. I can’t recommend it enough - thanks, Ewan!

Neelam, Self-employed Virtual Assistant

The best hour spent working on my business since I began 2 years ago.

Shena, Owner of HR Advice Company

Ewan had some great points on how to improve my business, small things which made a massive difference.

Sean, Engineering Consultant

I had a great session with Ewan this week. He really helped me take a step outside my business and reflect on its strengths and areas for potential development. He also challenged me on areas I'm uncomfortable with, like pricing. Then helped me develop a strategy to overcome them. I would highly recommend talking with Ewan. It is a very productive way to spend an hour, but be prepared for homework!

Claire, Owner of Photography Studio

Ewan really understood the aims of my business and how valuable a service it could provide to other businesses. He understood the market needs and had a way of explaining the value of service in comparative terms to the client-company growth that meant by charging more and explaining my services in a different manner I could gain much more valuable retained business.

Lucinda, Marketing Agency Owner

Ewan has opened my eyes to areas in my business that I just wasn't focusing on and has given me real food for thought on the future that my business should be taking. Very refreshing and a real pleasure to chat to.

Karen, Owner of Business Solutions Company

Ewan without any massive radical changes took my huge range of ideas and solutions and reminded me of the fundamentals and providing value, my attitude changed the very next day and got some extra clients with extra margins.

John, Self-employed SEO Consultant

The hour passed so quickly. It was unbelievable how much ground was covered, Ewan has an ability to view your abilities and value better than you can yourself, I will certainly start putting some of his suggestions in place today!

There is no hard sell and I left the call feeling energised.

I would certainly recommend this strategy session to anyone who needs focusing and pointing in the right direction for successful business growth.

Peter, Finance Director

This session started with Ewan asking what I did daily/weekly and broke it down by the three mediums I use. Ewan made me look at each sector and apply a simple equation to evaluate how effective I was in each sector. It brought clarity to where I should focus my efforts. I also felt like I had come up with the solution, but it was clearly down to Ewan's excellent coaching and consulting skills.

He helped me come up with my dream customer and how to come up with a strategy to get in front of them. This was an hour well spent, loved the part on forward/backward planning from the mountaintop. Blew my mind.

Martin, Car Sales Company Owner

Now you have seen how Ewan has helped others, let him help you too. It might just be what you need...

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