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Free 7-Step Guide To Support Your Business

Surviving Coronavirus Special

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This quick guide will outline seven steps you can start today to save your business and get your turnover back to what it was...

You can't wait on the Government or banks to bail you out - that help may never arrive. It's up to you, and me, to start focussing on the way forward.

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What's in the guide?

This short guide outlines seven steps to take to minimise the risk to you and your business during these unprecedented times.

The guide covers:

  1. Don't burn bridges with clients
  2. Tools to help you remotely work
  3. Taking stock of your current position
  4. Dealing with finances
  5. Pivoting your business for future success
  6. Advice on how not to "burn yourself out"
  7. Working together to support your community

Freelancers and those who are self-employed will benefit from this guide the most.

Stop worrying about coronavirus, tackle it head-on and come out the other end even stronger...

Surviving coronavirus business guide image

Surviving Coronavirus Business Special

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Addressing Your Current Position

Peter Andrews
Since graduating from Ewan's J2BL programme I have sourced a client that is currently requiring up to 4 days a week paid consultancy. I feel more confident about my offering than ever before.

Peter Andrews
Managing Director of Kent Financial Management Services Ltd

Dorothy McKinney
Ewan has supported me to focus on and make some changes to my business in terms of the why, what and how. This has had a really positive impact on my business and my clients.

Dorothy McKinney
Managing Director of Dorothy McKinney Ltd

Stuart Wilson, Bottle Green Websites
Our business and way of thinking has completely transformed since beginning to work with Ewan. I would fully recommend Ewan to anybody looking to improve and get the most out of their business.

Stuart Wilson
Bottle Green Websites

Ewan Menzies

About the Author

Ewan Menzies has been in education, training and coaching for over 25 years now. His goal is to support those who are self-employed and freelancers just like you, to help retain your clients or pivot your business in a new direction you thought was not possible. Ewan practices what he preaches and has already made positive changes to his business model during these testing times by applying the same principles in this guide.