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Members FAQs

Our experts have gathered and answered the most common questions we get asked about our memberships.

Yes and no.

If you have subscribed to one of our qualifying annual subscription plans, then 1 hour sessions may be included. The quantity of 1 hour sessions will depend on the level of annual subscription that you have paid for. For all other membership plans, we do not provide any one-to-one consultations or strategy sessions.

You are welcome to post any questions that you may have in the Community forum and someone from the group is likely to provide an answer.

Please Note: You can always pay for an ahdoc one-to-one consultation or strategy session through our Consultancy Services. The fee will be calculated at our standard daily rate based on your needs and the required service.

Unfortunately, this is not included as part of your membership plan. You could post any marketing issues on the Community forum and if we can provide any guidance on how you can improve performance yourself, then we will.

The alternative solution is to hire our experts through our Consultancy Services and if we believe we can help you to improve performance, we will agree a separate contract based on our standard day rates.

This is not offered as part of a membership plan.

However, one of the unique features of YewBiz compared to other membership sites, is that we offer website development and hosting as a separate service.

Please contact us to discuss your website requirements and we can explore the options to help you build a new site or revamp your old site.

Our team of experts will update content for members at least every month. Our aim is to provide several new items each month.

For detailed step-by-step courses, we will review the suggestions from members and create new courses or update existing ones to reflect what our members want.

For all other member resources, we will continue to add guides, templates and checklists frequently so that you can benefit from them.

With monthly plans you pay one month at a time for access to the members resources. This means that certain resources are available in month 1, then more resources are available in month 2, with further resources in month 3 and so on. In the industry, this is know as "drip" content.

With an annual plan you pay for a full year in advance and this gives you access to every resource for the annual plan you chose as soon as you sign-up and pay. The only exception to this, is regarding the eBooks provided by TJ Rohleder. In this case, the membership site will drip these to you at a rate of four books per month - though you will eventually get access to all the books provided under your plan.

The annual plan is the best value. You will receive a discount (based on the normal monthly price) and you will also gain access to additional bonus items or services. Please check the annual plans for the different bonuses you will receive.

The short answer is Yes.

Just like other subscriptions services such as Netflix, your subscription will auto-renew. Both monthly or annual plans are recurring subscriptions so you will be automatically billed at the end of the selected period.

If you ever wish to cancel your subscription, you can login to your membership, under My Account, then in Subscriptions, choose the  option to cancel.

Yes you can.

You can cancel your membership at any time. Just sign into your membership account and under My Account, then in Subscriptions choose the option to cancel.

You will remain a member until your current billing period expires. So if you have a monthly membership, this will be at the end of that monthly period. If you had paid for an annual membership, it will expire at the end of that annual period.

Your subscription will not automatically renew. You will not receive a refund for any remaining days or months.

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