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Learn How TJ made $150 million through marketing

The Blue Jeans Millionaire

TJ Rohleder's amazing journey started with $300 and over the years he grew this to $150 million. YewBiz has been granted special permission from TJ himself to give our members access to 63 of his marketing books and 100s of hours of his own advice on growing a successful business.

TJ Rohleder has earned the title "The Blue Jeans Millionaire". He is asked to share his success story with audiences around the world. All his knowledge, experience and marketing secrets is revealed in his books. The team at YewBiz are delighted to be able to share this with our members.

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3 Steps To Instant Profits
Foolproof Secrets Of Successful Marketers
Get Paid To Write
How To Get Super Rich In The Opportunity Market 2
Ruthless Copywriting Strategies
The Golden Rules
Think Bigger
Stealth Marketing
How To Start Your Own Million Dollar Business
Instant Cash Flow
Direct Mail Mastery
Shortcut Secrets To Creating High Profit Products
24 Simple And Easy Ways To Get Rich Quick
15 Rules Of Marketing
12 Powerful Marketing Ideas
10 Ways To Sell More Stuff
500 Ways To Get More People To Give You More Money
50 In 50
25 Direct Mail Success Secrets That Can Make You Rich
1219 Powerful Marketing Ideas You Can Use To Get Rich
How To Create A Hot Selling Internet Product in One Day
Four Magical Secrets To Building A Fabulous Fortune
Five Secrets That Will Triple Your Profits
Fast Track To Riches
Jump And The Net Will Appear
How To Turn Your Kitchen Table Or Spare Bedroom Into A Cash Machine
How To Make Millions Sitting On Your Ass
How To Get Super Rich In The Opportunity Market
Selling Information By Mail
Secrets Of The Blue Jeans Millionaire
Ruthless Marketing
Money Machine
The Magic Pill
The Dirty Dozen
The Blue Jeans Millionaire
The 2 Step Marketing Secret That Never Fails
Total Success
The Wow Factor
The Ruthless Marketing Atttack
The Power Of Hype
Ruthless Marketing Secrets

Ruthless Marketing Secrets Volumes 1 - 5

The Black Book of Marketing Secrets

The Black Book of Marketing Secrets Volumes 1 -18

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Over $1,000 Worth Of Books

Join YewBiz to get access to TJ's books worth over $1,000 - it is far more cost effective than buying them directly from Amazon.

1 The number of books members can access is dependent on the chosen membership plan.
2 The value is based on purchasing and delivery of paperback based versions of the books.