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Local Agency for Local Companies

Digital Marketing Agency Falkirk & Stirling

We live in a digital world where we can buy anything from anyone. But sometimes you want to deal and speak with someone locally. That is where YewBiz comes in.

We are a Falkirk based digital marketing agency specifically formed to serve local businesses. Our experts will perform your digital marketing campaigns and show you how to increase your sales quickly.

Falkirk Wheel in Falkirk digital marketing consultants

Boosting Visitors and Sales In Falkirk

Raising Your Awareness

We have been raising the awareness of our Falkirk clients since 2002. If you want to find new customers and increase your sales, we will do that for you.

Our CEO, David Reid, was involved in creating digital solutions for the Falkirk Wheel visitor centre for its launch.

His digital solutions are seen by millions of people around the world and make the Falkirk Wheel a talking point for local and overseas visitors.

Complete Marketing Package

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing Falkirk agency

Digital Marketing

We advise Falkirk companies on all aspects of their digital marketing plans.

When you want to attract more custom, we will look after your pay-per-click advertising, perform your SEO and ensure your social media campaigns and email marketing win more customers cost-effectively.

Let us do the hard work for you.

Marketing strategy agencies in Falkirk

Marketing Strategies

A well thought out marketing strategy is key. We identify who your customers are: are they in the Falkirk area, are they UK wide, male or female, old or young?

We will then create a bespoke strategy and select the correct marketing channels which your potential customers are using for maximum success.

website design and development agency in Falkirk

Website Design & Development

Our web design team in Falkirk have been designing websites for local companies and global brands for years.

Our design team will make sure that your website is fully responsive, looks great and functions as expected on mobiles, tablets and desktop PCs.

Every website we produce is SEO friendly so it can rank highly on Google.

Social media agency falkirk

Social Media Campaigns

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are known by everyone. Your business probably needs to be visible on these.

Our Falkirk based social media experts will set up all your business profiles and run your campaigns to reach customers.

We will use social media to pinpoint customers and get them through your door.

Graphic design Falkirk agency

Graphic Design

Your business needs an identity so your customers can relate to you.

Our designers in Falkirk will create your logos, leaflets, point-of-sale material, advertising banners and social media branding so everything is consistent, professional and eye-catching.

Leave it to us to create a brand for you that gains trust and repeat custom.

Google security checks and website scans

Website Security Checks

Don't wait until it is too late. If your website gets hacked or defaced, then you will lose customers and could be liable for a large GDPR fine.

Do you have a WordPress site? It is the most hacked CMS in the world!

Our Falkirk website security experts will scan your site every quarter to check for vulnerabilities and fix them.

Marketing Courses Forth Valley in Falkirk - join the classes

Learn how to perform marketing yourself

Marketing Courses

If you want to learn how to perform your own digital marketing, our experts host interactive training workshops to show you the step-by-step processes involved.

Our courses are detailed and engaging - you will learn lots. They are not boring powerpoint presentations where you go home feeling as if you have not learned anything.

Our marketing classes take place in the Falkirk area for your convenience. Join our experts and start learning today.

Free digital marketing consultation for Falkirk companies

Free For Local Falkirk Companies

Marketing Consultation

Contact us for a FREE consultation. We appreciate that digital marketing may not be your area of expertise.

That is why we offer a free consultation to discover what your priorities and pain points are.

Afterwards, we will identify the correct marketing approach to enable you to grow your business and increase your sales.

Register below and let's get a date in the diary.

For Marketing Services & Courses

Contact Our Falkirk Team


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Telephone: 07710 482267

We work hard to get our clients results

A Trusted Marketing Agency In Falkirk

I’ve worked with thousands of digital marketers and Digital Agencies, and David is certainly up at the top of the list. I have helped David for numerous years and watched how he carefully structured his digital team so that they could offer the highest level of service to clients.

David clearly communicates what is required and gives honest feedback. You always know where you stand with him and he does his best to make your life easier.

I would be happy to recommend him any day of the week.
Fiona Todd

Fiona Todd
Director & Head of Denholm Associates Glasgow

What David and his team have achieved is one of the best kept secrets. His digital knowledge and experience are superb, along with attention to detail and quality of output which he instils in the team.

Really getting to know clients is so important and David would work all the hours that it took to deal with a client request or issue, that's why so many of his clients had stayed with him for several years.

Trust and the guarantee that the absolute best effort would be made with all client work was why David still has such a good reputation in the industry.
Vivienne MacLaren

Vivienne MacLaren
Chair of Scottish Women's Football

I first met David when he hosted a workshop to train digital advisors on SEO and social campaigns. Then later at another company when he analysed our companies data and demonstrated how we could win more customers.

I am now at my third company and he has developed our latest website and it has been fully set up and optimised to ensure it delivers results.

David puts his customers first and foremost. When you start working with him, he will make a massive difference, and I still enjoy learning from him to this day.
Daniel MacIntyre Director of The Oban View

Daniel MacIntyre
Director of The Oban View

I had the opportunity to work with David on a great website that allowed us to gain more exposure within the UK and beyond. David and his team looked after our digital marketing campaigns across other countries including China and Russia, being very much process and results driven.

David genuinely cares about his customers, he is full of great advice and took time to understand our business which isn't that common. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking to increase their online presence and improve sales.
Joanna Lorente-Chapman Head of Marketing at Scape

Joanna Lorente-Chapman
Head of Marketing at Scape

Free Digital Marketing Advice In Falkirk

Giving Back To Falkirk

YewBiz was born to help companies of all sizes - from local start-ups, national retailers, multi-location businesses to global organisations.

We remember what it was like when we first started: it was hard work and money was tight. But we knew that marketing was key to our own success, and it will be to you too.

That is why we are offering to give free digital marketing advice to Falkirk based start-up companies for every larger client we win (T&Cs apply).

Contact us to see if you qualify for free marketing advice.

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