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Proof that I started a long time ago

20 Years Of Experience

Before we begin to get into "A Day With David", I read many many websites on the web, after all it's a big part of what I do.

One thing I have started noticing more and more of on websites, are claims of xx amount of years experience - either by an individual or a company.

I know why they do this - it is to create authority, and to convince you that you should choose them. But, in a lot of cases, there is no proof to back this up.

To give you reassurance that I have been helping successful businesses grow for over 20 years, here I am (left) on the front page of The Herald newspaper back in March 1998.

FYI - that business was sold 18 months later to a major media organisation, earning the owners a considerable payout.

You can achieve a lot more quicker

Working Together

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years is that you can achieve a lot more, a lot quicker, if we work together.

When you pull complimentary resources together and share each others knowledge, then play to the strengthens and weaknesses of each party - success comes quicker.

Back in 2004, I had the pleasure of growing a joint venture business with Gordon Beattie (right), the founder of Beattie Communications and Tom Flockhart (left), the founder of Capital Solutions.

Both of these gentlemen are now highly successful business owners and multi-millionaires.

Taking companies overseas through marketing

Doubling Business Growth

Doubling business growth

Recruiting staff can be a pain. In my career, it certainly was the hardest task that I had to endure. But, it is a great signal that a business is growing - and that is always a good thing!

Back in 2011, the business I was leading at that point in time was booming. We had just increased turnover from near £zero to over £1 million in the space of 12 months and we needed more staff quickly.

Whilst many other UK digital agencies offered their services to companies on their doorstep, we became specialists in international marketing.

We were winning clients from all around the world, and then helping them to execute their own global marketing campaigns.

Those clients became super successful, and as a result, so did we.

However, finding highly skilled experts who actually knew what they were doing was extremely difficult. It still is today.

Business owners still ask me to perform the final interviews of people they are considering employing or to review their digital agency's performance.

They know themselves, that they don't have the knowledge to ask the right type of questions, and should they employ someone who "talked the talk" but ended up rubbish, it would cost them £000s and incur lost time.

I am glad to say, that I have saved some owners £100,000s by rejecting candidates (and agencies) who were not up to the job.

That is one of the reasons that I set out to create YewBiz, we already have proven and experienced experts ready and waiting to help our clients.

Keep reading to discover how I can help you...

Sharing Knowledge To Benefit More

Speaker & Trainer

I have been fortunate enough to have been asked to share my own knowledge with companies around the world. I always mention to the participants when we start "If you learn at least one new thing by the end of the session, then it has all been worth it".

Watching them then put into action some of what they learned and for it to change their business for the better - is an absolute delight.

To give you an example of some of the speaking and training sessions I will undertake on behalf of companies, I have included a few previous ones below:

Scottish Enterprise

I was invited to speak as a "Thought Leader" at a Scottish Enterprise organised event to over 200 SME businesses registered with their growth scheme.

The Scottish national stadium of Hampden Park was chosen as the location as it permitted TV cameras to record the session.

Consisting of a full day seminar, I hosted two full sessions on “Making money from the Internet”.

During which I shared my knowledge of digital marketing, SEO techniques and ways in which companies can profit from using the web correctly.

Stirling Enterprise

STEP is a government organisation which helps local businesses. I was invited to conduct a full day training session on the use (and potential pitfalls) of digital marketing within organisations.

I started by addressing the business advisers on how to properly advise and recommend to their clients the various tools and techniques at their disposal including: SEO, social media, LinkedIn, PPC and email marketing.

The second session was to the executive board to encourage them to “buy-into” the new programme for their own advisers. I demonstrated the positive effects this would have on their turnover and the additional benefits for their clients.

Glasgow City Marketing Bureau

GCMB are the official central marketing team for promoting Glasgow City to local, UK wide and international guests.

They are responsible for increasing the number of tourists, residents, students and businesses coming to Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

I was invited to research and present my findings on what was working, and what was not working with their approach, to a team of 30+ executives and senior managers.

This resulted in a new digital marketing strategy to reach and attract more international markets to Glasgow.

Writing massive dividend cheque for profitable business

Every company has made a profit

Profitable Businesses

One fact that I am proud to share with you, is that with every active company that I have been on the executive board - those companies have been profitable every year.

Not too long ago, I attended a board meeting where I was asked to approve a dividend for one of the business owners for the amount of £2.8 million. It was a great feeling to do so.

Why am I telling you this?

As we don't know each other yet, I have still to prove myself to you and to gain your trust.

If I tell you that I only work with businesses which I know I can make a positive difference to their profits, it will hopefully provide some reassurance that I can help you too.

Find out about a few other people I have helped...

learning, growing, succeeding

Success Stories

Paul Petrie, Director & Co-founder of McBookie Ltd

I was truly amazed at what David taught us.

I knew quite a bit about Google Adwords and Google Analytics, but he showed us how to get so much more out of them, and how we could reach more customers. We had been running our own Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for over 6 years and we were getting ok results.

When David first looked at our account, he instantly knew it could be a whole lot better. So we adopted what David recommended and now our Adwords account is much more effective.

One break-through point was getting Google Analytics correctly set up. Previously, we had problems trying to get Analytics working correctly due to issues with our website and app platform. David solved this for us.

He meticulously showed us step-by-step how to do this. He persevered with us and our developers until finally it all worked the way it should. Then the data started flowing in. It gave us insights into our customers and marketing efforts that we had never seen before.

What David showed us made such an impact, we decided to change what platforms we used to allow our business to reach the next level of growth.

If you want to learn, and grow, you have to listen to what David has to say.”

Joanna Lorente-Chapman, Head of Marketing at Scape

I found his [David's] knowledge of digital strategies to be really useful and beneficial to our business objectives.

He worked with us across multiple channels including SEO and PPC. I also had the opportunity to work with him on a great website that allowed us to gain more exposure within the UK and beyond.

David and his team looked after our digital marketing campaigns across other countries including China and Russia, being very much process and results driven.

Whenever we had a problem, I could always count on him to calmly deal with it for me and offer a solution. David genuinely cares about his customers, he is full of great advice and took time to understand our business which isn't that common.

I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking to increase their online presence and improve sales.

Craig Wilson, Finance Director of Core Cut Ltd

“When David was recommended to us back in 2011 we were sceptical at first, as we were wary of bad experiences from previous digital agencies and 'so called experts'.

But David was different - he genuinely wanted to help us from day one. As time went on, we knew we could trust him implicitly. Every marketing activity that he told us we needed to perform produced outstanding results.

We were not the most technical savvy company and marketing was a bit alien to us at the beginning. However, over the years David taught us everything we know about digital marketing.

David, and his team at the time, looked after all our SEO, PPC, email marketing and website development for us. We left it in his hands, and he delivered every time.

As a result, he has helped us reap huge success in gaining new business from online web enquiries, winning clients we have now serviced well and kept for years.

We now totally appreciate the power of marketing and how to do it properly. It has transformed our company. We have won clients that we could once only dream of.

When we have not had access to David’s knowledge and his ways of working, we know for definite that things went backwards.

You have to be prepared to listen and implement the suggestions and recommendation David has to offer and adopt his marketing tactics. You will not be disappointed.”

Geoff Todd, Co-founder of Fix.Live Ltd

David is the person I most trust to deliver sound digital marketing insights and advice.

His experience is vast, but more importantly he isn't swayed by whatever happens to be the latest thing in digital marketing - instead he applies a formidable intelligence and capacity for fact-gathering that gets to the real root of the matter.

I have found working with David to be a thoroughly positive experience. I had the privilege of some mentoring from him which was of huge benefit.

His no-nonsense approach cuts through the fluff and makes things happen.

Mark Buchner, Managing Director of Tactuum Ltd

“I have had the invaluable pleasure of partnering with David on several significant client projects. His knowledge, advice and insight on all things marketing is both deeper and more actionable than we’ve ever previously encountered.

When it comes to digging into data and analytics, and producing easy to understand reports, David has been extremely insightful.

David delves down to the right level of detail, interprets findings that are meaningful and cleverly manages to present recommendations in simple, understandable and practical ways.

When you see clients writing comments such as “Absolutely fantastic Google analytics session today with David” and “Feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders in terms of product approach and tactics - today was a good day thanks to David” then you know you are partnering with someone who is capable, committed and trusted.

David’s advice, insight, understanding and focused approach has transformed our clients’ business and has provided them (and us!) with a value-add that has more than adequately paid for itself.

I know that our clients and ourselves we will continue to learn something new and valuable every time we work together.

You could too.”

Simon Willox, VP of User Experience - JP Morgan

I've known David for over 19 years and he's always been my first stop if I have any digital marketing questions.

He's got a natural talent for explaining the technicalities of what can be a very confusing subject.

When we worked together I saw firsthand how he helped large and small companies in lots of different sectors make an impact on the web.

David likes to spend time getting getting to know the client and clearly understand their needs and problems so that he can deliver great results for them.

Anyone who chooses to work with him will find him fun, amiable, very hard working and most of all, he will not disappoint!

So what is a Day with David...

A day with David to get inside his marketing mind

What you will get from me

My Promise To You

I will fly, drive or catch a train to your office and spend a full day with you. My time is then yours.

You can choose how you want me to help grow your business, you may wish me to:

  • Train you and/or your team on marketing techniques
  • Listen to your business problems & recommend solutions
  • Interview potential marketing candidates on your behalf
  • Dive deep into your analytics and offer improvements
  • Perform competitor research to identify opportunities
  • Represent your company at a conference
  • Review your marketing strategy and current progress
  • Help you defend or pursue a marketing related legal case

The list is endless. But, I will only help if I believe that I can be of benefit to you. You have to receive value for money.


Start A Conversation With Me

If I have managed to convince you that I can be of help to you and your business, then please send me your email at with the subject "Work with David" and we can start a conversation about the next steps.