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How To Post On Reddit

We’ve all heard of it, but how many people actually know how to use it?

Reddit can be intimidating for someone who hasn’t yet got to grips with how it works. It looks a little strange, the interface is both simple and confusing at the same time, and there is SO much stuff on there.

But for those of you looking to share ideas, seek advice, or connect with a large community, Reddit really is the best online forum.

According to CNCB, over 330 million people use Reddit every month. That’s the same number of people that use Twitter. But unlike Twitter, Reddit doesn’t limit your word count.

If you’ve never been in Reddit but have heard all the hype, let me explain:

Reddit is a vast online community that covers everything you’ve ever thought of and quite a few things you haven’t. The website is a platform for the things its users ('redditors') write and share online.

Subreddits are like categories. There are subreddits for everything.

Seriously. If you want to find out about a conspiracy theory, there’s a subreddit for that.

Like cat pictures? There’s a subreddit for that.

Want to discuss subreddits? There’s a subreddit for that too.

Skincare, fencing, pens, shopping hacks, celebrities, if you can name it, there’s a subreddit on it. There’s even trending and newsworthy subreddits so you can see the most popular things on the internet.

Within a subreddit, all the content links to that particular topic. Content can be anything. Sometimes it’s a question asked by one user and answered by others.

It can also be links, comments, business proposals, ideas, theories, tips, thoughts, random writings, images… you get the idea.  

Subreddit image on reddit platform

Posting on Reddit is easy once you know how

First things first, you’ll need to create an account. On the homepage, you should see a “sign up” button in the top right corner. If you already have an account, the “log in” button is in the same place.

Picture showing the Reddit login - sign up button

Once you’re on your homepage, you can start adding to the Reddit community.

Creating your first Reddit post

There are two ways to create a post. If you want to start a new subreddit of your own, or aren’t sure what subreddit to post to yet, you can click the “create post” button in the top left corner.

It’s on the taskbar at the top of the page and looks like a pencil drawing a line.

Image showing how to create a post on reddit

This will take you to a new page where you can get creative and add text, links, images, polls, and whatever else you like. You can also add NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and spoiler tags if applicable.

The top of the Reddit panel has four tabs; Post, Images & Videos, Link, and Poll. Each tab allows you to add a different element.

For posting pictures to Reddit, you can either drag and drop the image from another window on your desktop or select images from your computer to upload them. If you want, you can add multiple images and videos.

Image of reddit account with images (pictures) and videos displayed

Posting to a subreddit

You have to post to a subreddit; you can’t just leave your post floating around without an anchor to a category.

I recommend following the subreddit you want to post to first. This way, when you’ve written your post, you can add it directly.

Alternatively, you can head to the search bar and find the subreddit you’d like to add to.

Once you’re on the feed, there is a “create post” bar at the top right of the page. This will allow you to add to this subreddit – but be careful, if you post in the wrong subreddit, you’ll receive bad karma!

Image showing user how to create post on reddit

How does karma work on Reddit?

Yes, Reddit has Karma. And voting.

Once you’ve added a post, other users can vote it up or down. Initially, voting was used to determine if a post was relevant. So, if you posted something about skincare on a gaming subreddit, you’d receive loads of downvotes, and your post would be removed.

Now, voting is used like likes on Facebook.

If someone agrees, they vote you up. If they disagree, they vote you down.

This means that even if you post on the right subreddit, you could receive lots of downvotes if Redditors (other Reddit users) don’t agree with you.

Your posts score is simply the number of upvotes, minus the number of downvotes. The higher the score, the more people will see the post.

People can also vote on your comments. If you comment on someone else’s post, users will vote on that too.

If you get lots of upvotes on your posts and comments, your Reddit profile will receive lots of good Karma. You can find your karma points on your profile.

Karma on reddit accounts image

Now, karma doesn’t really do anything, but it’s good to have.

Having a good karma score on your page tells other users that you post really great stuff, and you’re a good addition to the site. Think of it as like respect or street cred.

Reddiquette and how to get good karma

Now you know how to post on Reddit, and the consequences of voting, you need to know how to get upvoted and receive lots of good karma.

There are certain unspoken rules of how to behave, what to say, and what to post, or not post, on Reddit.

This is affectionately termed "Reddiquette".

There are lots of ways to receive good karma. Posting interesting, unique content and adding insightful comments on other people’s posts is a great way to get good karma.

However, there are some things you definitely shouldn’t do if you want to avoid downvotes and bad karma. If you ask people for upvotes, you’ll almost certainly get downvotes.

The voting system is supposed to be a natural reflection of users’ preferences, trying to scam the system will get you kicked out. Additionally, if you are only posting on Reddit about you, your business, and how awesome you are, people will get fed up with your bragging and vote you down.

And of course, spamming.

If you spam the same content across multiple subreddits to get attention, you’ll get kicked out. Reddit has been known to ban users for this, so be careful.

Basically, if you plan to use Reddit in a friendly way, you’ll be fine, and the good karma will come flooding in.

Subreddit rules

Some subreddits have rules. These are specific conditions related to that subreddit but be aware that similar subreddits might have different rules.

For example, a subreddit about American Presidents might say that you can’t post about any presidents before Abraham Lincoln.

A different subreddit about Presidents of the USA might allow you to post about any president. It’s worth checking these as ignoring them will get you downvoted immediately.

You can read the full set of Reddiqette rules here.

How to post on Reddit mobile app

Like all good social media platforms, Reddit also has its own app so you can Reddit from anywhere.

Head to your app store and search for "Reddit". Once you’re in the app, tap the profile button in the top corner to sign in.

From there, you can either search for a subreddit or go to one you have already subscribed to.

how to post on reddit mobile app picture of three mobiles

Posting from the app is very similar to posting for a computer. Tap the pencil icon (orange icon in the middle of the screen) to add a post. You can add all sorts of images and links on the app as well.

Once you’re done, click post in the top corner, and that’s it.

Reddit - Now you know how to use it

So, now you know how to post to Reddit, you can go out and get started.

Reddit is a really great online community and can be super helpful if used properly. Many people are intimidated by the sheer amount of information on the site and never learn how to use it.

So, good luck, enjoy it, play by the rules and see just how useful and fun Reddit can be.

Be warned - it can be a bit of a rabbit hole. You may start browsing and get lost in a subreddit for five hours!

Can I ask you to help share knowledge?

My goal is to share knowledge with as many people as possible. Please help me do this by linking to this page or sharing it with your colleagues, friends and your social network.

Many thanks

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