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How To Bootstrap From Zero To Millions

My first book by David Reid - How To Bootstrap a business from zero to millions

So I am part way through writing my book on "How To Bootstrap from Zero to Millions" and I wanted to share my progress so far.

It has been very interesting in getting this book started. Over the years I have been involved in, or have helped, businesses who started with nothing. The owners had some savings put away and this is what they used to get their idea of the ground to strive towards creating a successful company.

When I look back, the keys things where:

  • a product or service that was in demand, and
  • their marketing

It is pointless building a great product or service if no one knows about it - that is where marketing comes in.

In fact, you don't need to create the best product in the marketplace, you can still make lots of money as long as people buy it - though, those products still need marketing.

Although I have years of experience in marketing products and services for other companies, I thought it would be easy to take that knowledge and put it in a book.

Well, as I am learning, it isn't so easy!

The Book Is Underway

At this stage I have the initial structure of the book defined, so at least I know what is going to go into each chapter. The first few chapters have been drafted and are ready for review.

I have an editor in place and she is working with me to help me see this through to completion. I also expect that she has lots of red pens available to correct my mistakes.

As with most things in life, it takes longer than you first expect. This is largely to do with fitting the "writing" around my other activities such as helping members and assisting other companies grow.

FREE For Subscribed Members

When my book is finished (I am certainly looking forward to that day!!) and it is either available in eBook or print format, I will happily provide a copy to any YewBiz subscribed member for free.

I will reach out to each member at that time by email to double check that you would like a copy, so make sure you keep your email address up-to-date.

For any non-members, please send me your email to and I will supply you a copy too.

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About the author

David Reid

David Reid

David previously worked with Europe’s No.1 Marketing Agency & the World’s No.6 biggest Integrated Marketing Agency, seeing first-hand how £150 million+ campaigns are executed to create household brands. Now he is the CEO of YewBiz and is focused on helping small businesses.

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