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Image to depict someone starting to write a blog post

A Beginners Guide To Blogging In 2020

Looking to start a blog but don’t know where to start? This beginners guide shares everything you need to know to create your blog successfully.

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Image of logo showing words Top 10 reasons not to use blogspot

Top 10 Reasons Not To Use Blogspot

When Blogspot, otherwise known as Blogger (, was launched in 1999, it quickly became a huge deal. ...

Category: Marketing
Image of reddit logo with words how to post on reddit

How To Post On Reddit

We’ve all heard of Reddit, but how many people actually know how to use it? Read our quick guide to find out how to post on Reddit.

Category: Marketing
Image with words blogging and bloggers to help beginners

How to Start Blogging

Have you ever considered setting up a blog but do not know how, or the best practices?

Category: Marketing
Image showing what is content marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Gone are the days when a simple piece of sales copy would suffice to shift your product. You need content marketing to grow your business.

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What is Digital Marketing - explained in digital roadmap

What is Digital Marketing?

Different trends in digital marketing come and go, there is always something new to try. So let's start with a ...

Outnumbered by Females

Outnumbered By Females

I was in the minority. There is a growing number of females attending or becoming new clients at a rate of 60-70%

How to boost your Google ranking for free

How To Rank Higher On Google - For Free

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to increase your Google ranking for free, let’s have a look behind ...

Category: Marketing
Using SEO, PPC and email marketing to boost revenue

How To Make £7 million In Revenue

A True Story 8 years ago, I was introduced to the Finance Director of a family run business in the constructi ...

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