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You will most likely have heard of the phrase mighty oaks from little acorns grow or as it is sometimes referred from little acorns do mighty oaks grow.

It was from the origins of that phrase that YewBiz was born.

Image of plant growing to symbolise a company growth

An integral part of your success

Our Epiphany

For over 20 years, our CEO had been helping small fledgling companies grow into household names through the use of advertising and digital marketing.

He took great pride in helping small start-ups, family run businesses and those who had a great idea but didn’t know how to tell the world about it.

Seeing them grow from 1 person to 5, to 15, to 50 and onto a 250 headcount, brought a smile to his face.

In monetary terms, turnovers were in the magnitude of £0 to £100k, £250k to £1 million, £5 million to £20 million, £50 million to £100 million.

He was praised by the owners as being an integral part of that success.

Sharing digital marketing knowledge to grow companies

The downside of big agencies

Sharing Knowledge

It was not rocket science that helped these individuals succeed, it was simpler than that. He knew that all he was doing was sharing his knowledge. In reality, he just showed these companies how to deliver marketing in easy to understand steps.

As the size of the marketing agencies he led grew, so did the salary bill and other overheads associated with operating a multi-location agency.

Unfortunately, this also had an effect on the size of clients the agency had to win. The agency could not exist if it continued to service 1,000s of small clients - the quantity (and quality) of staff required would be astronomical.

So the smaller clients had to make way for larger clients who could afford to pay £500k - £2 million per year on campaigns.

Marketing mission statement for yewbiz

Our Vow To Help Those without deep pockets

Our Mission Was Defined

All the knowledge that had been so successful in helping smaller clients grow was now focussed on large multi-national clients who had already achieved a degree of success.

He witnessed those once fledgling companies that he was forced to leave behind, resort to cheaper alternative agencies (or freelance marketers) and go backwards, with some even going bust.

This saddened our CEO.

As a result, he left the world of £multi-million campaigns, he left the big agencies and vowed to help those who didn’t have deep pockets to be successful.

The YewBiz mission was born.

It is all about You

The YewBiz Name

One of the first rules of business and marketing - is that it is all about You.

Focus on the client (you), make them successful, make them money and charge them a fair fee in return.

So we started thinking about company names (and domain names) with the word You in it.

And as we wanted to help “businesses” we immediately thought about the abbreviation “biz”.

Though its origins come from the entertainment world, as in “show biz”. Today, it is more commonly associated with fast moving businesses.

In colloquial terms, it means “the best” or “better than the rest” for example “you are the biz”.

The first derivative, YouBiz, was short lived once we discovered another company already owned the domain.

Helping many other companies growth using digital marketing

Helping Many other businesses

A True Story

As our CEO considered company names one evening with his wife in their kitchen, she looked out the window at the trees in the garden. The phrase “from little acorns grow mighty oaks” popped into her head.

You have to think about trees, she said. They started as seedlings, now they are strong and solid, and they give life to so many things.

They produce oxygen, the life line of humans. They provide the timber to build houses, the fabric of most items of furniture and even the humble pencil. Things that people take for granted every day.

Your company is similar, it will help so many other businesses - what about a Yew tree?

a bringer of dreams

The Yew Tree

Before we continue with our story behind YewBiz, it is interesting to know a little about the Yew tree.

The yew tree is one of the oldest trees in existence, with trees commonly reaching 600 years. There is one particular tree in Perth (Scotland) believed to be 9,000 years old and it is one of the oldest living things in Europe.

Later we would discover, that very tree is only 60 miles from the kitchen our CEO and his wife first discussed the name for YewBiz.

The yew is an evergreen tree, so continues to flourish all year. We see similarities with businesses and marketing. Our mission is to help you flourish all year round, for many years.

In marketing, the term “evergreen” is commonly used to depict content that never ages, and which is as relevant as the day it was published. Google and other search engines prefer evergreen content.

The yew tree also offers value to wildlife, offering protection and nesting (life) opportunities to birds, as well as food for birds, squirrels and caterpillars. A goal of YewBiz is to give you reassurance and nourishment (marketing tools) to grow.

Yew trees are commonly associated with immortality, rebirth and transformation.

A fascinating fact about yew trees is their ability to regenerate from within. As the tree ages, parts decay and fall to the ground. From these parts, new trees take root and start growing as whole new trunks.

There are often smaller yew trees surrounding larger older trees as a result. Just like many businesses that have off-shoots (and multiple revenue streams) from the main company.

Finally, they are also considered to be “a bringer of dreams”.

Yewbiz was born at the stroke of 8pm

how unbelievable or lucky was that

True Fate

The yew tree conversation took place at 7:15pm in the evening. Our CEO typed into a domain registrar and found out that it had already been registered. But. It was being auctioned and the auction was due to end at 8pm.

8pm that very evening – how unbelievable or lucky was that!

He placed an opening bid of $5.99 and waited patiently, and nervously. Knowing the connotations behind the name, he saw it as fate and the beginnings of something great, if he won.

8pm ticked by and an email arrived in his inbox. “You have won. Please pay $5.99 for the domain”

YewBiz was born. Our first step had been taken.