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This is all that matters to us

What Is In It For You

No matter what stage you are at in your business journey, we are here for you.

If you are a fresh start-up, an established SME trading for many years, or a company seeking international expansion, our mission is to help you gain more success, faster.

Stop doing word of mouth marketing


We Understand You

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are being influenced by other companies marketing activities every day.

Many company owners don’t know where to start, or understand what they should be using, or what marketing terms such as SEO, PPC and CRO mean.

They do not know how to market their own businesses, structure their teams for maximum efficiency, or use technology to streamline operations.

You may have tried yourself and got nothing back in return, or perhaps you have hired an agency that ill-advised you and all you received were poor results.

Fingers burnt, you might not try again. We want to change this.


The YewBiz USP

“All of the expert advice that you will benefit from, comes from actual business owners”

That is true. All of our experts are actively running their own companies. This means they are up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, compliance laws, strategies and tactics to remain successful.

Think About This

Who would you rather learn from?

  • Someone who has some theory, then wrote a few quick guides and posted them on the internet for free,


  • Someone who is actually growing a successful company right now and who wants to share their knowledge and top tips with you

We are sure you are like everyone else we ask, they would also rather learn from real business owners who have real experience.

And what is more, they are happy to pay a fee to access the wisdom of our experts.

learning, growing, succeeding

Success Stories

How we have helped other people just like you.

Paul Petrie, Director & Co-founder of McBookie Ltd

I was truly amazed at what David taught us.

I knew quite a bit about Google Adwords and Google Analytics, but he showed us how to get so much more out of them, and how we could reach more customers. We had been running our own Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for over 6 years and we were getting ok results.

When David first looked at our account, he instantly knew it could be a whole lot better. So we adopted what David recommended and now our Adwords account is much more effective.

One break-through point was getting Google Analytics correctly set up. Previously, we had problems trying to get Analytics working correctly due to issues with our website and app platform. David solved this for us.

He meticulously showed us step-by-step how to do this. He persevered with us and our developers until finally it all worked the way it should. Then the data started flowing in. It gave us insights into our customers and marketing efforts that we had never seen before.

What David showed us made such an impact, we decided to change what platforms we used to allow our business to reach the next level of growth.

If you want to learn, and grow, you have to listen to what David has to say.”

Craig Wilson, Finance Director of Core Cut Ltd

“When David was recommended to us back in 2011 we were sceptical at first, as we were wary of bad experiences from previous digital agencies and 'so called experts'.

But David was different - he genuinely wanted to help us from day one. As time went on, we knew we could trust him implicitly. Every marketing activity that he told us we needed to perform produced outstanding results.

We were not the most technical savvy company and marketing was a bit alien to us at the beginning. However, over the years David taught us everything we know about digital marketing.

David, and his team at the time, looked after all our SEO, PPC, email marketing and website development for us. We left it in his hands, and he delivered every time.

As a result, he has helped us reap huge success in gaining new business from online web enquiries, winning clients we have now serviced well and kept for years.

We now totally appreciate the power of marketing and how to do it properly. It has transformed our company. We have won clients that we could once only dream of.

When we have not had access to David’s knowledge and his ways of working, we know for definite that things went backwards.

You have to be prepared to listen and implement the suggestions and recommendation David has to offer and adopt his marketing tactics. You will not be disappointed.”

Mark Buchner, Managing Director of Tactuum Ltd

“I have had the invaluable pleasure of partnering with David on several significant client projects. His knowledge, advice and insight on all things marketing is both deeper and more actionable than we’ve ever previously encountered.

When it comes to digging into data and analytics, and producing easy to understand reports, David has been extremely insightful.

David delves down to the right level of detail, interprets findings that are meaningful and cleverly manages to present recommendations in simple, understandable and practical ways.

When you see clients writing comments such as “Absolutely fantastic Google analytics session today with David” and “Feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders in terms of product approach and tactics - today was a good day thanks to David” then you know you are partnering with someone who is capable, committed and trusted.

David’s advice, insight, understanding and focused approach has transformed our clients’ business and has provided them (and us!) with a value-add that has more than adequately paid for itself.

I know that our clients and ourselves we will continue to learn something new and valuable every time we work together.

You could too.”

Get Results In 90 Days Or Less

Are you frustrated with nothing happening quickly? Are you getting pressure to achieve results? Yes.

We understand your pain points, so let us help you get results in 90 days or less.